Curly Wigs for Women Black Afro Curly Wig Synthetic Hair Wigs

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100% brand new high quality.
Color: as shown
Length: 15.7 inches
Material: high temperature wire
Can be hot dyed:
Treatment process: mechanism
Intranet: Rose Net
Hairnet wear:
1. Support development network
2. Hair net on the forehead
3. Pull back the net
4. All hair stuffed into the hair net
5 hair clip fixed mouth position
Wig wear:
1. Grasp the wig's corner
2. Put the wig on the head
3. Press and hold the wig back in one hand
4. All hair stuffed into the hair net
Wig care:
1. Try to use a spur tooth comb
2. Do not let your hair shine in the sun for a long time
3. Don't let the hair get too close to the hair dryer
4. Do not use too much force when washing hair
5. Use hair conditioner, do not let the hair be too dry
Packaging: Wig