Magic 3D LED Kid drawing board

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 Then you are going to love this Luminous Drawing Tab too! Your child will feel just like a real magician, while immersed in the fabulous world of fantasy and lights, with our Magic LED Drawing Board for Kids!

The Draw with Light'is a glow-in-the-dark drawing pad that makes the drawings glow in night. Children addicted to electronic gadgets? Or u simply want to spend some quality fun time with them? Or do they just love drawing? Whichever one it is- you are this is going to be the best toy you can gift them!

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 This is a great tool to help your child discover his or her creative potential, without damaging your home's furniture or walls.

Let them create amazing drawings, that glow in the dark, with this special tablet and marker. Depending upon the light in the room, the maximum brightness of their artworks and patterns could last up to 30 minutes! The darker the room, the brighter the picture.

This is an ideal developmental and educational tool for children of all ages, in a fun, and creative game form. Stimulate your child's creativity, memory and imagination using this Art Therapy, and help reduce their fear of the dark.

Your home will thank you, as they're will be no more unwanted drawings on walls, floors, doors and furniture!

For kids age 6 and up


  • Turns family time into fun time!
  • Special stylus leaves behind no marks on the board
  • Develops motor-sensory skills in kids
  • Special Kid-friendly stylus included
  • Kids fall in love with this right since the beginning
  • Leaves No Marks or Stains
  • Fun For the Whole Family
  • Develops Drawing Skills and Creativity
  • ISO Certified and is Harmless for Eyes


 . Item type: Drawing Board (include stylus pen)

  • Sketchpad size: A4/A5 29x21 cm
  • Material: PVC
  • No Batteries
  • Portable
  • European-Imported Product
  • For kids age 6 and up