Mini Tripod With Bluetooth Phone Holder

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Tired of trying to get a good photo of you and your furbaby and just can't quite get one?  This Octopus Flexible Phone Tripod Mini will make it easy....check it out...  and get ready to take some "paw"some photos of you and your furbabies.


Flexible Sponge Octopus Mini Tripod With Bluetooth Remote Shutter For Smartphones iPhone & Androids, Mini Camera, Phone Holder clip stand

  • TAKE AWESOME PICTURES & VIDEOS – Take this lightweight tripod anywhere. Now includes a bonus QuikPic Bluetooth Remote Shutter, perfect for taking wireless pictures & video.
  • USE ON ANY SURFACE – Capture level shots on any surface thanks to the flexible tripod design. No where to stand it? No problem, wrap the flexible tripod legs around a lamp or tree & you're all set!
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY – The included phone mount automatically adjusts to hold any phone size. The perfect phone tripod for iPhone 7, 7 Plus 6, 6+,5, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5, Note 7 or any other smartphone, camera or webcam. Also works as an iPad stand!

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Bluetooth-Remote-Shutter-with-Flexible-Octopus-Mini-Phone-Tripod-Stand-Holder-For-iPhone-6S-7-5S-Plus-Xiaomi-mi5-Suporte-Celular-1 (1)Bluetooth-Remote-Shutter-with-Flexible-Octopus-Mini-Phone-Tripod-Stand-Holder-For-iPhone-6S-7-5S-Plus-Xiaomi-mi5-Suporte-Celular-1 (10)Bluetooth-Remote-Shutter-with-Flexible-Octopus-Mini-Phone-Tripod-Stand-Holder-For-iPhone-6S-7-5S-Plus-Xiaomi-mi5-Suporte-Celular-1 (2)Bluetooth-Remote-Shutter-with-Flexible-Octopus-Mini-Phone-Tripod-Stand-Holder-For-iPhone-6S-7-5S-Plus-Xiaomi-mi5-Suporte-Celular-1 (11)Bluetooth-Remote-Shutter-with-Flexible-Octopus-Mini-Phone-Tripod-Stand-Holder-For-iPhone-6S-7-5S-Plus-Xiaomi-mi5-Suporte-Celular-1 (4)Bluetooth-Remote-Shutter-with-Flexible-Octopus-Mini-Phone-Tripod-Stand-Holder-For-iPhone-6S-7-5S-Plus-Xiaomi-mi5-Suporte-Celular-1 (3)Bluetooth-Remote-Shutter-with-Flexible-Octopus-Mini-Phone-Tripod-Stand-Holder-For-iPhone-6S-7-5S-Plus-Xiaomi-mi5-Suporte-Celular-1 (5)

Material: ABS Specifications: Tripod + Phone Holder + Remote Control Features: 

Fully flexible, made of hard plastic.

Rubber ring, foot and chain mat.

Detachable link attachment with lock release button.

Universal (1/4-20 screw) digital camera link attachment.

Allow it to level the camera on the most uneven surface.

The link attachment is screwed into most digital camera sizes and can be removed.

Each leg has nine black ball and socket joints, each with a 360° rotation range. 

Mobile phone clip: for 3.55-6 inch mobile phones, etc. Remote control: Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0

Effective distance: 10 meters

Battery model: CR2032x1

Frequency: 2.4HZ~2.4835GHz

Service life: about 12 months

Compatibility: It can be connected to the mobile phone Bluetooth without additional software. Applicable to iOS 5.0 / Android 4.3 or higher system"

Package list: 1 of each: tripod, mobile phone clip. remote control

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