Pet Nail Grinder

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Grinding your dog's nails regularly helps avoid split, irritated nails or nails that can grow long enough to affect walking.

Pet Nail Grinder 55 dB Ultra Quiet Electric Dog Nail with 2 Grinding Wheels for Gentle trimming & smoothing Small/Medium/Large Dogs Cats Pets Paw


Motor Operating Voltage: 2.4V

Battery Type: 600mAh Ni-MH

Charging Time: 4h

Working Time: 4h

Power: 5W

USB Cable: 5V

Package Contents:

Pet Nail Grinder ×1

USB Cable ×1

Grinding Wheel ×2

User Manual ×1


1. Don't use the adaptor whose output voltage≥5V to charge this pet nail grinder

2. Put your pets in a high place to make them well-behaved when grinding


Are you still bothered by being scratched by your be-loved pets?

 pet nail grinder protects your skin and furniture from being scratched effectively by grinding pets'nails into blunt.

Easy to Use

Only 4 steps to finish grinding safely and effectively with high-quality grinding Wheels:

Step 1:Get pets familiar with the working sounds to reduce fear and resistance.If your pet is very sensitive to the working sounds, you can try to get the grinder touch its fur slowly, and get to the next step after it is adapted.

Step 2:Cut pets’ overlong nails with a nail clipper

Step 3:Use pet nail grinder to grind the sharp nails into blunt

Step 4:Reward pets with snacks to make them love grinding nails

How to clean the pet nail grinder?

1.Remove the protective cover counterclockwise

2.Star switch to make the mill work

3.Gently clean the surface with an eraser or cloth

4.Brush other dirt away for deeper cleaning


*Clean by slightly wet cloth instead of water directly.

*Do not store under wet conditions

*Little heat during using or charging is normal