Short Curly Synthetic Hair Wigs Wavy Wig

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Color: As shown in the picture
Length: 11 inches
Material: Chemical Fiber
Can hot dye: not hot dye
Treatment process: mechanism
Intranet: Rose Net
Hair Network wear:
1. Supporting Development Network
2. The hair net puts on the forehead place
3. Pull back Net
4. All hair plugs into the net
5. Hairpin fixed position
Wig Wear:
1. Grab the hair at the sideburns.
2. will be false wigs on the head
3. Hold the wig back and pull it backwards.
4. All hair plugs into the net
Wig Care:
1. Use a round tooth comb as much as possible
2. Do not let hair in the sun for a long time
3. Dont let your hair get too close to the hair dryer.
4. Dont push too hard when you wash your hair.
5. Use conditioner, dont let hair too dry
Packing: Wig